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(Just a few things to share with our families.)

When boarding, please do not bring bowls. We have plenty, including slow feeders. Please bring extra food, just in case. Some of our families have had their trips unexpectedly extended and it’s helpful if your pup has extra meals.

We ask that all dogs wear collars (not harnesses) during play. It would be great if all dogs had name tags, too.

As we grow, we continue to get busier and it’s harder to accommodate drop ins. We would greatly prefer a phone call or message the day before to ensure we have space for your pup in daycare.

For boarding, we encourage booking a few weeks in advance. For holiday boarding, the sooner you book the better (recommend a month or more).

If you’re planning to board and your dog does not regularly attend daycare, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE that your dog attend daycare for a few days ahead of their stay. This greatly helps with the anxiety of being dropped off in a new space with new friends.

We open at 7 am, Monday - Friday. We do have a staff scheduled to come in before 7 to let boarding dogs out and prepare for the day. We ask that you please don’t bring your dog in before 7.

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