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New Friends and New Products

Molly & Friends continues to make new 4 legged friends ahead of opening day. We're so excited to play with all of you! We've brought in West Paw toys, made in Bozeman, MT. Your dog will drool over our Doggie Style Gourmet Treats, made in Billings, MT. We've stocked up on Red Canyon Company trail mix for your dog (made in Utah). Don't worry, we didn't forget about the humans! How about coffee from Grounds and Hounds? To make it even better, Grounds and Hounds donates a portion of their proceeds to animal rescues! We also have Kate's Magnets, made in WA, to decorate your fridge! Check out our stickers and our lint paper!

This dream is becoming a reality! Get your pupper scheduled for the temperament check so their all clear to come and play. We're still shooting for June 1st to open!

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