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Our Journey

How does one describe opening their own business? One word can't begin to describe all the feelings and emotions. An entire Thesaurus probably wouldn't sum it up! The fear, the exhilaration, the worry, the excitement, the weight of it all ... Most days, all of this is replaced by HOPE and FAITH. This community has turned out in amazing ways to support our venture. Dogs do bring out the best in people and I really like our dog owners. When worry begins to creep in, I fall back on knowing this community has raised us up so far. I have faith things will only get better.

Of course, our dogs are the best part of this adventure. However, the people that work here ... seriously, they are the greatest. If you haven't had the pleasure of chatting with Paige, you need to stop in and just say HI to her. She is genuine and full of life. She's also an amazing worker and an even better friend. Taicyn, Savannah and Harli have proven to be wise beyond their years and are adapting to the expectations of work and responsibility at lightening speed. Rob continues to be such a solid foundation full of skills, knowledge and ideas. I've found such a wonderful partner and I am grateful he decided to take this journey with me. Our friends and family continue to support us through thick and thin ... no surprise there!

We are grateful to be part of Laurel's business community. Already, our relationships with Beartooth Fire, the local UPS Store, Redneck Pizza, Central Perk, Koo Beans, The Yogurt Shop, The Laurel Outlook, 406 Kids, Ace Hardware and more has proven invaluable. What great company!

Sincerely Grateful,


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