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Working Like Dogs!

We have been so busy these last few days. Everything is coming together and we're excited to share all our progress. The community has been awesome in sharing their excitement with us through Facebook and in person. It's awesome to see our "likes" go up, up, up!

We've done a lot of cleaning in the building and it's looking good. This is going to be the perfect location for your pooch! I met with the sisters that started Doggie Style Gourmet Treats and I'm happy to announce we'll carry their tasty treats. I unpacked our West Paw toys and treats and my dogs are confused as to why we're not playing with all the awesomeness! We've started on the fence and things are coming along.

I'm hoping to get my Square and Venmo set up soon so we can start selling our passes for daycare and the DIY dog wash. I'm waiting for a few more items and I'll announce a fun give away.

Everyone, this has been such a neat experience. I am so blessed with great friends and family and a really awesome fella! Oh, and my dogs are pretty cool, too!

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